H.W.Andrews(24r.co.uk) Fourways House, Rigby Lane, Hayes, Middlesex, Ub3 1ET  Tel: 01895 430396  Email : rebar@24r.co.uk , 

Same location since 1995

​​​​​ReBar Suppliers

Covid 19  Regulation compliant

Open for orders 7am to 10:00pm

Orders can be shipped same day when necessary

Established  2002

H10, H12, H16 mm Rebar

Delivered through-out the U.K.

in lengths up to  6 Metres

Call for delivery costs

Email: rebar@24r.co.uk   Tel: 01895 430396 

Email for Rebar:  rebar@24r.co.uk 

Free phone sales Number   0800 833 039

For a fast response 7 Days a week submit your request Here 

Rebar  from £1 per. metre

​Rebar cut and Bent to order

If you wish to send a drawing or file email it to rebar@24r.co.uk

H.W. Andrews (24r.co.uk)