H.W.Andrews(24r.co.uk) with over  40 years experience in all aspects of industrial engineering maintenance and installation, including the construction and installation of glass manufacturing  equipment and electronic control systems both in the U.K. and USA including complete factory fit-outs.

H.W. Andrews (24rcouk) Electrical and mechanical Engineers

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If we can't Make it, Get it,  or Fix it, we'll know someone who can.

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Some of our Turnkey projects and machinery

Including:-  Clean Rooms , Light tables, packaging equipment, factory fit-outs, office fit-outs, & dilapidations

Clean room Project Philadelphia

Light table Project Heathrow

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Industrial LED Lighting

Lighting Hoists

Radio Controlled lighting.


Based in Hayes Middlesex West London

We offer Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Services.

Custom machinery designers and builders

Special purpose and prototype machines developed, manufactured installed and maintained. 

Complete turnkey projects

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